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RUF Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG located in Zaisertshofen Germany, began specialising in the development and production of briquetting hydraulic presses as valuable recycling technology almost 40 years ago.

RUF manufactures briquetting presses at the factory in Germany. Over the years „MADE IN GERMANY“ brand has sold almost 5.000 hydraulic briquetting press in more than 100 countries, worldwide.

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C.F. Nielsen

C.F. Nielsen is the world leader in mechanical briquetting with a history of more than 130 years. C.F. Nielsen manufactures mechanical briquetting presses or whole briquetting lines including down-sizing, handling, and drying agricultural waste, wood waste and other biomass products, for capacity 250 kg/hour up to 100.000 tons per year. So far, over 1.000 machines have been delivered to various countries on all 5 continents.

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Mayfran International

Mayfran International is a manufacturer of hinged belt conveyors for chip and coolant removal from machine tools along with paper belt filters, and systems for processing chips and cutting lubricants in the metalworking industry. As an original equipment manufacturer for machine tool manufacturers, the company is present worldwide at locations in the United States, Europe, Japan and India.

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The Slovenian manufacturer Strojplast offers a wide range of tailor-made packing devices that handle the customer’s products, transport them, pack them in a vacuum or possibly into blister packs, and then palletise them. These devices can be delivered as stand-alone solutions or devices integrated completely and securely into the customer’s existing production lines. The devices can effectively deal with regular or even irregular shapes of products that are in various industries such as automotive, wood, and pharmaceutical or food, among others.

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The Japanese company FANUC is the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial automation and robots in the world. FANUC supplies reliable equipment for industrial automation, CNC control systems, laser units, compact milling centers and a wide range of industrial robots designed for palletising wooden briquettes from production.

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