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Briquetting of hazardous waste

Waste from category N (hazardous waste type), in which may be briquetting material present. Wastes are generally classified in terms of the hazards of substances into the following categories:

  • Hazardous waste marked with the letter “N”
  • Non-hazardous waste (hereinafter “other wastes”), marked with the letter “O”
EWC Code Name of the category Waste type
12 Wastes from shaping and physical and mechanical surface treatment of metals and plastics N + O
12 01 14 machining sludge containing dangerous substances N
12 01 18 metal sludge (grinding, honing and lapping sludge) containing oil N
other hazardous wastes that can be physically briquetted on the RUF hydraulic press in terms of hazardous properties of the waste, their consistency and shape.

From the briquetting point of view, these are N wastes under the waste catalog number (“EWC Code”) 12 01 14 or 12 01 18. However, whether your waste is briquetting can be determined by a simple briquetting test of your material.

MVE-Energo offers hydraulic briquetting presses from the German manufacturer RUF for briquetting sludge from industrial production. These are various types of sludges from production, such as grinding, honing and lapping, they may contain process fluids, whether process emulsion or process oil in a volume of over 50 – 60% of the total weight of sludge. y applying high pressures in the briquetting hazardous waste on RUF hydraulic presses, the solid waste component is separated from the liquid component. Briquetting thus brings customers a financial benefit in the form of reduced costs for N-waste disposal, and in the form of reduced need for investment in process fluids, where these fluids (after cleaning) are returned to production.

In addition, in individual cases, MVE-Energo negotiates with the customer on the possibility of disposing of the briquettes and taking it from the customer’s production capacity in compliance with all provisions and legal regulations of the Slovak Republic.